Your Journey

We are with you through the entire process of a medical tourism journey. Including supporting you upon your return home through our aftercare network.

Getting started

Contact us

Simply fill in the form here or contact us at 1 877 725 6762 if you want to speak to us directly about your treatment or your preferred destinations.

All information remains confidential and is secured in our system.


Based on your personal and health information provided, we will determine your best options for care and provide you with a free no obligation quote including a customized travel package.

We will be in contact with you to answer your questions and provide any additional information in order for you to make informed decision.

Preparing for your trip


We will help you organize your trip and take care of all the details including your medical records that we will transfer with confidentiality to the medical team at the location of your choice.

We also offer to coordinate with your family doctor. We will act as a liaison on your behalf.

As a medical tourism facilitator, we will take care of every aspect of your health travel and tourism experience. Thanks to our network and our international partnerships, your case manager will obtain for you the best price available and will have your entire trip organized upfront making travel and accommodation arrangements, coordinating airport pickups and drop-offs, hotel transfers, hotel reservations and medical appointments.

We are with you every step of the way.


Because no surgery or treatment is 100% risk free in home country or abroad, we will advise you to purchase travel insurances including complication coverage and coverage for the person who may be travelling with you depending on your destination and on the treatment requested

Those insurances usually include the following benefits:

  • Trip Cancellation Coverage
  • Trip Interruption Coverage
  • Trip Disruption Coverage
  • Trip Delay Benefit
  • Baggage and Personal Effects Insurance
  • Emergency Medical Coverage
  • Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains
  • Medical Expense Benefits
  • Rental Vehicle Physical Damage/Collision Coverage
  • Travel Accident Coverage
  • Medical Procedure Complications Insurance
  • Medical Complications Coverage for a Procedures Abroad
  • Worldwide Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Traveling Companion Coverage
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption/Delay Coverage for Medical Travel

MediTravel International recommends you the 2 following companies:


Finalization, agreement and payment

Before leaving we will provide you a full itinerary of your trip including the travel dates, the medical appointments and all the useful contacts. We will provide you a finalized quote including all the medical and non-medical expenses. Then, we will confirm the agreement and will send you the payment terms. We are also able to assist you with a medical loan application for the financing part should you require it to cover your medical and travel expenses.

Your trip for care

Arrival at your destination

Our partners, medical facilities, doctors and surgeons are accredited and accustomed to receive international patients. You are in the best hands!

Once arrived at destination, you will benefit from our 24h concierge service.

Your personal driver will pick you up at the airport and will transport you first to the location indicated in your itinerary (hotel or resort). You will be transported in due time to meet with your treating physician before having your procedure. You will stay in the medical center for a few hours or a few days, depending on the procedure and the physician’s recommendations.

After the procedure

Once released from the medical center, you will go back to your hotel, resort or rehab center to relax. Nursing care in the rehab center may be required and will be mentioned before your trip. With the authorization of your physician, you will be able to discover the beauty of your destination as well.  You will travel back home after having received your physician’s approval.

Continuity of care / Follow up back home

It is important to start planning the continuity of care before going abroad. That is why we will stay in touch with you and your treating physician updated with details regarding your surgery. Once back home, you will be able to get the appropriate post-operative and follow up care thanks to the recommendations addresses by the doctor.


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