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Located only a few minutes away from Montreal Airport, La Clinique Chirurgicale de Laval, in Quebec, has recently decided to join the network of MediTravel International. Specialized in orthopaedic procedures (knee replacement, hip replacement…), the clinic is one of the most renowned in Canada, boasting a team who all have several years of experience. Dominique Bragoli, Director of the International patients department, tells us more about their services and their collaboration with MediTravel International.


What medical procedures do you provide?

At Clinic Chirurgicale de Laval we offer orthopaedic surgeries (ie. Knee replacement, hip replacement, ankle/feet, wrist/hand, shoulder and elbow). We also specialize in joints replacement with prosthesis. Our surgeons use state of the art technology and provide a professional and safe service.  Our newest innovation is the regenerative orthopaedic medicine called Stem cell Treatments and PRP (Platelet –Rich Plasma). PRP is a concentrated sample of your own blood composed of high level of platelets. Platelets are fundamental components of the wound healing process. They contain growth factors for stimulating tissue generation and repair. Our technique delivers a concentration of platelets and a growth factor that is roughly four to six times greater than that found in whole blood. Stem cells are known to renew and can divide themselves into many more. By extracting those stem cells from the bone marrow which contains a rich environment, we then concentrate the cells to transplant them back into the damaged area. It will help with the repair or growth of bone, cartilage, muscle, tendons, ligaments or will also be able to regenerate tissues.

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Your facility has been accredited with exemplary standing by Accreditation Canada. If you are a patient, what does it mean for you?

Our main goal is to provide the safest environment to our patients.  We are sensitive to their needs as each individual is unique, therefore each treatment has to be personalized to them. We devote tremendous time identifying what can be improved so we can offer the best possible care and services to our patients.

Being accredited by Accreditation Canada shows our overall high level of safety, professionalism and commitment to our patients. This international organization has been put in place to meet standards and raise the quality of services offered. They also identify and rewards competences and innovations by helping healthcare centers to be more efficient.  It is very rewarding to be part of this program, especially with an exemplary standing mention.


 If I live in the United Stated or in Canada, why should I go to your clinic?

As an American, you may be covered by your employer or your insurance. Medical costs are much lower in Canada than in the US and often comparable to what you could pay as a foreign patient in Latin America for the same procedure where prices are usually in $USD and adjusted compared to the very expensive American medical costs.

As a Canadian, you will benefit by avoiding the long wait time from public hospitals. You also get the chance to stay within your own country where you are aware of the quality standards and safety for surgeries. There is no language barrier and you also get to pay in your own currency.

It is important to know that Canada is one of the rare countries that has a government institution called Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, that applies the very highest standards of specialist medical training, thereby guaranteeing the best possible treatment.

 As a patient or an insurance, what are the benefits to access your services thanks to MediTravel International for any type of surgery such as knee replacement?

MediTravel International brings additional services at no extra costs.  As a patient, traveling abroad or to a different province for medical purposes can be stressful.  Their role is to bring you a peace of mind, to inform you and to answer the questions you may have. They organize your medical travel itinerary, your patient care coordination and assist you as well with your follow up care. They are trained to manage many aspects of the patient experience such as transportation and accommodation. In brief, I consider them as an extension of our admission and international department.


*Total knee replacement: 12,800$ USD (17,240$ CDN) – 14,600$ USD (20,174$ CDN) depending on the prosthesis

** Total hip replacement: 14,620$ USD (19,695$ CDN)

*** Prices for these surgeries include: all fee for surgery, prosthesis, pre and post op consultations, anesthesia, transfer from clinic to homecare, one week stay at Recovery Homecare with 24 hours services, three physiotherapy sessions

**** Prices are in $ CDN and may vary depending on the exchange rate.


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Tel: 1 877 725 6762 (Toll free) / (604) 669 7582 (local)


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