Why Choose Us?

With high costs, long wait times, and procedures that may not be available in your area, finding a solution to your medical needs can be sometimes challenging or impossible in your own country.

It is the reason why thousands of Canadians and Americans travel abroad every year to look for more feasible and cost effective medical or dental solution. But how do make sure you are making the right decision for your safety? How do you ensure your continuity of care once back home? How to know that you are paying the right price?

As a subsidiary of Mega Assistance Services, a Canadian company that has been helping and providing medical assistance for over 25 years to travelers in North America and worldwide, MediTravel International answers these questions and provides the right solution:


Thanks to its agreements with medical and dental providers, MediTravel International provides you the best care at the best price possible. Using MediTravel International, you pay less for more services.


Having to wait for months or years for a medical procedure prevents you from going back to normal quickly and increases risks to your health. When contacting MediTravel International, you can finally have access to an appropriate medical solution within a few days or weeks.


MediTravel International ensures a high quality of care while directing you exclusively to accredited providers accustomed to receiving International patients in their facilities. Our network is built on experienced professionals that we both control and evaluate regularly. The surgeons and the medical staff working on our behalf have often received their training in North America and in Europe and are able to speak English, Spanish, or French.


Depending on your needs and your requirements, MediTravel International organizes your personalized medical travel itinerary while advising you about the destination, the medical provider, and the possible insurance requirements. Contrary to most medical tourism facilitators, MediTravel International stresses continuity of care. Meaning that our work is not done once your procedure is finished. Meditravel International continues our support after you return home by coordinating and arranging any and all after care that may be necessary after your procedure.


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