Waiting for medical care in Canada costed billions in 2014

When it comes to medical travel you can sometimes hear Canadian specialists telling when the surgeries go wrong the burden of recovery usually falls on the Canadian health system. Some would therefore consider it as unethical. They got their point. After all, as a taxpayer, why should you pay for a complication happening after a surgery done elsewhere in the world? It may seem to be unfair.


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But how does it feel to let your fellow Canadian citizens or residents in pain and waiting for 5 years for a weight loss surgery or 2 years for a knee replacement? They pay their premiums too. Could we blame them for trying to find a solution abroad instead of having to wait forever at home? In fact, the large majority of the patients are satisfied of their medical travels and a very few of them come bach with complications. So the costs for the Canadian healthcare system is a drop in the ocean.

The real question you could ask is how much does it cost for Canada to let thousands of people waiting for their medical procedure. The Fraser Health Institute answered this question in this article published by the Toronto Sun in July 2014.


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