The Barbados

photo Saint Michael Barbados (2)

The island of Barbados is the most easterly Caribbean island with a dense population that nearly doubles in peak tourist seasons. Tourism is the largest industry in Barbados with most tourists arriving from the United Kingdom, the United States, neighboring Caribbean islands, and Canada.

Barbados is rich in scenic beauty which makes it a photographer’s dream come true with an abundance of natural wonders, breathtaking scenic views, gorgeous gardens and miles of white, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and almost year round sunshine.

St. Michael is located on the south and a little bit of the west coasts of Barbados and is home to the country’s capital Bridgetown, where you will find duty free shopping, restaurants and bars. This is also where the majority of the population resides and there are many tourist attractions within this parish

With tourism representing approximately 25% of the nation’s GDP, the government has devoted much attention to diversifying its economy by expanding the medical tourism sector. Barbados is fast becoming a medical tourism destination and is recognized as having the most modern medical facilities in the Eastern Caribbean.


Procedures available in Saint Michael, Barbados

  •     Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  •     Plastic Surgery
  •     Oral Surgery (Dentist)
  •     Paediatrics
  •     Internal Medicine
  •     Cardiology
  •     Haem-Oncology
  •     ENT
  •     Anaesthetists
  •     Gastroenterology
  •     General Surgery

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