Why Dental Tourism is Flourishing in Costa Rica


Everybody seems to be talking about Costa Rica these days whether it be for tourism, adventure tourism, eco-tourism, adventure tourism for women, wellness tourism, etc. Bottom line is if it has tourism attached to it than some enterprising foreigner is trying to make it happen in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is on everyone’s lips these days for very good reason. It has one of the most inviting tourism models in the world being at once peaceful, unique in myriad ways, possessing of perfect weather, and most importantly it is easily accessible especially by North Americans. Where else on earth can a 7 day vacation be guaranteed sunny in the months of December through April. Only one place that I know of and that is the region of Guanacaste whose unique tropical dry rainforest climate seems almost custom made for the snowbirds from the north. You did hear me correctly. Guaranteed sunny days from December to April every year. One of Costa Rica’s unique attributes is the abundance of micro climates, Guanacaste being one of the most important to the booming tourism industry.

A Truly Homegrown & Important Brand of Tourism

While mentioning that every gringo and her brother are down fostering a new plan for some new kind of tourism like “adventure bird watching while white water rafting tourism” there is one important set of tourism attractions that are quite proudly almost 100% home grown. The important field of medical tourism or medical travel has become quite important to Costa Rica. Recently Costa Rica became the third most traveled destination for the medical tourist from North America. Needless to say North America is a pretty big market regarding medical care. Just ask Obama. And while there are a wide variety of procedures being offered in Costa Rica above all people seem to feel safest trusting their teeth to the highly qualified physicians in Costa Rica.

Why is Dental Tourism to Costa Rica so Big?

Look it is hard and perhaps even a bit scary to make a life changing decision when you are ill. If you are suffering from heart disease, or joint disorders or some other type of malady let’s face it, you are basically sick and probably not feeling too great. So the decision to hop on a plane with something as scary as triple bypass is not the same as considering jumping on a plane for a few days and saving up to 70% to have some of the latest implant technology performed on your mouth. Bottom line you get a few implants and you get out of the chair and taxi back to some paradise like retreat just outside of San Jose with all the amenities, a huge pool, utter tranquility and if you are like me a couple of daiquiris no matter what the doc says. Next day you are ready to go bird watching on a white water raft or whatever. Bottom line is dental work is not as invasive and scary as some of the aforementioned procedures. Most importantly people with dental problems don’t feel sick most of the time and want to look and feel better about themselves.

Who has Dental Insurance anyway?

With most Americans paying for dental out of pocket these days the idea of saving up to 70% even after and including travel costs is something to make an intelligent person sit up and take notice. The idea of flying to a warm sunny and beautiful location a few hours away begins to make more sense and once you find that most of the top dentists in Costa Rica have training in the United States well we start to approach no brainer status here. Costa Rica has a terrific track record in regards to medical tourism and dental tourism specifically.

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