As a medical tourism facilitator with more than 30 years of experience in medical assistance, MediTravel International is proud to provide a worldwide access to low cost and personalized care to the North Americans. Built over the years, our network of medical providers opens doors to best-in-class healthcare international facilities offering affordable, timely and high-quality surgical procedures for your employees.

As healthcare costs continue to rise in North America, more and more employers and health insurances are looking at medical tourism for their employees. Even when considering the costs for travels and accommodations, many medical procedures are still less expensive in countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, France, Poland and Canada than in the USA.

That’s probably the reason why approximately 15% of the 50 largest employers in the US are now offering medical travel benefit as a way to provide high-quality, cost-effective care for their employees. And this situation is also true for the small and middle size companies. And it works!


According to a report by the Employee Benefit Research institute the percentage of employees that were covered by self-insurance plans was up to 58% in 2011 and only 40% in 1998. Just like anyone, companies can be affected by the cost of healthcare, especially in the USA and are looking for better options.


Projected costs of sending employees abroad are definitely lower. MediTravel International is here to assist your company and your employees in this process.

We are a subsidiary of Mega Assistance Services, a Canadian company that has been providing medical assistance for over 30 years to travelers in North America and worldwide.

Thanks to its experience, Mega Assistance Services has acquired a reputation for reliability that has constantly placed the company in a position of excellence.

As a medical tourism facilitator, MediTravel International offers access to affordable, timely, safe, and personalized medical procedures abroad thanks to our network of international providers at no extra costs!

With us, your employees will be in caring hands

Contact us today with your questions about the benefits of offering medical tourism coverage to your employees.


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