With the combination of advances in technology and the vast pool of baby boomers reaching middle age the demand for orthopedic surgeries is booming. To be more specific hip and knee replacements have become one of the top medical tourism procedures offered through our company.

Hip Replacement

An artificial device is used to replace all or part of the affected hip joint. The hip serves as the joint to hold in place the femoral head that attaches to it in a concave holder in the pelvic bone. The damaged bone tissue is replaced by a prosthesis.

Hip Replacement with AMIS technology (provided in Germany with our preferred partner German Surgery)

The AMIS procedure still leverages conventional hip replacement components but is revolutionary due to its small, single incision approach.
It allows the hip joint to be replaced without detaching muscles from the bone and without interfering with critical nerves. It is a great advantage for the patient, ensuring less trauma and pain as well as a faster rehabilitation and return to normal life activities.
This method is especially beneficial for the simultaneous treatment of bilateral hip arthritis – whereby both hips are replaced in within the same surgical process. Due to the low surgical strain, the low degree of blood loss and pain, it is now possible to treat a patient with bilateral hip arthritis in a double session.

Hip Resurfacing (Surface Replacement)

Instead of a total hip replacement, hip resurfacing seeks to preserve the existing bone. Metal caps are used to cover up the femoral head in damaged areas. The difference with hip replacement is that hip resurfacing conserves the existing bone and relines the damaged areas with a metal cup-shaped implant.

Knee Replacement

An artificial joint is utilised to replace natural joints that may be painful due to damage and/or disease. In this procedure, the knee is accessed by moving the patella (knee cap) slightly to allow room for installation of a prosthesis that is fitted to the femur and tibia (thigh and shin bones). The underside of the kneecap is also resurfaced to make room for the installation of an artificial device that fits the other installations.

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