Medical tourism in Costa Rica is increasing


In recent months, Costa Rica has become the third largest attraction for medical tourists from North America. Needless to say this is a rather huge market. Medical tourists come to Costa Rica for a variety of procedures and for a variety of reasons. Overall the experiences of visitors is positive. New forms of affordable complication insurance has helped ease the minds of many potential visitors. In addition the well known factors of quality care at vast savings continues to be a strong attraction for medical visitors.

Canadians Getting in Line For Medical Tourism

Really there are different reasons for Canadians to consider medical tourism than Americans. In Canada price is really not the issue since medicine is socialized. What has become the deciding factor in increased medical tourism to Costa Rica by Canadians is the long wait times for basic care in Canada. In addition socialized medicine will pay for procedures in Costa Rica under certain circumstances.

In the United States Price is still the Issue

Medical tourism from the United States is still the largest market in the industry with more and more patients finding Costa Rica particularly attractive due to proximity, reputation, and familiarity as a tourist destination. Costa Rica provides high quality care at a large savings. The country has a particularly aggressive approach to promoting medical tourism with several major quasi governmental bodies throwing their hats into the ring.

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