Medical second opinion

Do I really need a surgery? Should I go for this treatment or wait and watch? If I am placed on a long surgical wait list of months or years for my surgery, is it safe to wait? If necessary, can my surgery be done earlier abroad?

For minor health issues, you probably do not need a second opinion. However, looking for a second opinion can be a good option if:

– You may require surgery or a procedure which is risky or costly.

– You want more information about your options

 – You are not sure about a diagnosis

Asking for a second opinion is normal. The final decision will be yours and we know how important it will be for you. That’s why MediTravel International will connect you with one of our accredited physicians around the world based on the speciality required.  You can then quickly get professional information for your condition without leaving home or spending too much time online.

Our medical specialist will review your case and will share his/her recommendations over the phone, via a video conference or with a written document. We can also arrange a call between your family physician and our specialist.

All you will have to do is to send us your medical records and to complete a consent form to disclose medical information. All medical information sent to MediTravel International will be only seen by a limited number of people such as our case manager and the medical staff. MediTravel International will keep your information confidential in accordance with applicable laws.

Contact us now to be aware of your full range of options, including some you may not know of at this time!




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