KCM clinic, Poland


A modern facility

Founded in 2006, KCM Clinic is a modern Clinic located in the heart of Karkonosze. Its beautiful renovated building is located in the very centre of Jelenia Góra and is adapted to the requirements of disabled persons.

Modern medical equipment and professional staff

KCM clinic has the latest medical and diagnostic equipment. The medical staff conducts numerous procedures in the hospital with very modern equipment and in comfortable conditions. KCM maintains the European Union standards, safety and high quality of provided services. The team at KCM Clinic consists of experienced specialists with high professional qualifications, continuously expanding their knowledge and increasing their skills. Through their commitment and passion in their job, they guarantee the highest level of the specialist medical care. In 2009 KCM Clinic was awarded the ISO 9001:2009 quality management certificate.

A medical center accustomed to receive international patients

The medical center has been receiving many patients from the UK and also from North America. Each patient is approached individually, and the personnel strives to make treatment at KCM Clinic quick and efficient. Since founding of KMC Clinic, the mission has been and remained to be to offer a comprehensive help to the patients and to improve access to the latest achievements in medicine.


– Spine surgery

– Orthopedic

– Weight loss

– Internal medicine

– Dental

– Plastic surgery

– Diagnostics- Rehab

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