How to have surgery abroad without it costing your life?


Traveling abroad for a medical procedure is becoming more usual for Canadians unable to find a satisfactory solution within our healthcare system. According to a study released by the Fraser Institute last March, there were more than 52,000 Canadians opting for surgery abroad in 2014, an increase of 26% compared to 2013. A number of 100,000 patients have also been mentioned by Destination Health, a Canadian Medical Tourism trade fair organizer. Studies available mention that Canadians mainly travel abroad for surgery to avoid the wait time, to save money on medical/dental expenses or to access procedures not available at home.

Yet a large majority of medical tourists’ report that they have had an experience beyond their expectations. Many Canadians still do not know what medical tourism is and often rely on any type of information found on the Internet to make their decision when considering or organizing the medical trip on their own. That’s when the complications are likely to occur.

At MediTravel International, we know these risks could be considerably reduced with some education and information. After all, making sure you are in caring hands is our job! In that frame, we would like to introduce you today to Janet Bristeir.

Janet Bristeir is the CEO of Canadian Best Practice Quality Audits Inc. Her company works with a number of facilities to ensure that the processes needed to produce clean and sterile equipment are carried out to the highest quality standards. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Janet works closely with the BC Ministry of Health to help spread these important standards for medical tourism.

Janet received her training as a Registered Nurse in England, where she specialized in operating room nursing and the reprocessing of surgical instruments and devices. In Canada, she studied quality assurance as part of her Health Record Administrator training. The decades of clinical experience qualify and allow Janet to bring a wealth of knowledge to patient safety and quality assurance projects.

MediTravel International met with Janet a few years ago at a healthcare summit where we were part of the same delegation. She just published her book a few months ago: Surgery for sale!

We recommend it to anyone who would like to travel abroad for a medical procedure.

In addition, you can also listen to Janet on, a blog dedicated to medical tourism:

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