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Marseille public hospitals manage 67,732 surgeries, 1 million consultations and close to 250 transplants every year. Within Marseille hospitals, the Institute of Movement and Musculoskeletal Health is a structure without equal, revolutionary on the medical and scientific fronts in France and Europe. Surgeries are performed using bone and joint imaging and radio-guided techniques. The room integrates a medical video system suspended from a ceiling to ensure efficacy and ergonomics. System functions and images are viewed by everyone on multifunction monitors that transmit the fluoroscopy, CT scan, MRI images or video film. Surgeons work in close collaboration with the department of digital bone and joint radiology, adjacent to the operating theatre. The latter is fitted with cutting-edge equipment (MRI, CT scan, high-resolution radiography, Bone Micro Architecture) adapted to orthopaedic surgery.

Every year, 1800 surgical procedures are performed including 800 hip or knee replacements,and 250 arthroscopy procedures enabling the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament among others.

Procedures available:

– Orthopaedic surgeries

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