Hospital CIMA, San José, Costa Rica


A true state-of-the-art healthcare center

CIMA Hospital is designed to meet precise, exacting, and taxing requirements for surgical procedures and patient care. The hospital has been recognized as offering among the best infrastructure, technology, and health care personnel (all fully compatible with North American standards) in Central America.

At this health care center, high-quality patient services are combined in a true state-of-the-art healthcare center, and this great combination is dedicated to guaranteeing your comfort, safety, security, and treatment quality. In fact, the healthcare personnel at CIMA is especially trained to deal with foreign patients from the United States, Canada, and Europe. 25% of the patients coming to this medical center for treatment are made up by foreigners, and number has been steadily rising each year.

A qualified medical staff and a variety of procedures

This is not only a healthcare center where you can save money, but a place to receive high-tech, world class patient care and treatment. It doesn’t matter if the procedure you are looking for is required or elective; the facility has the doctors, nurses, and equipment to provide the best possible medical, dental, and cosmetic surgery treatment at affordable rates.

There are at least 170 qualified physicians in over 60 disciplines, specialties and subspecialties, a complete imaging department with MRI, CT, X-ray, ultrasound, and endoscopy services; a full-service laboratory, and a 24-hour pharmacy. The entire complex was built with the idea of providing a one-stop solution for all of your healthcare concerns.

Meet your specialist here:

Dr Oscar Oeding (orthopedic):

Dr Jacobo Zafrani (Bariatric and general surgeries)

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