Dr Jacobo Zafrani

Jacobo ZafraniA specialist for bariatric and general surgeries

Language spoken: Spanish and English (Dr. Zafrani was, in fact, born in the United States, so you will have no problem communicating with him)

Doctor Jacobo Zafrani, MD, is in charge of Weight Loss – Bariatric surgery and metabolic surgery to reverse Type 2 Diabetes for the Medical Tours Costa Rica Medical Group.

Doctor Zafrani is among the leading weight loss/bariatric surgery experts in the region. He is also a regional pioneer in metabolic surgery to reverse type 2 diabetes.

Specialties are:
Bariatric or Weight loss and Metabolic Surgery (to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes) Minimal Invasive Surgery. He is a licensed to surgeon in Costa Rica and Panama.


Education and training

UACA University is where Dr. Zafrani began his medical studies and training, and he graduated in 1996 as a general practitioner.
After a successful career as a general practitioner, he continued his studies and medical training, and he graduated as a general surgeon from the University of Costa Rica in 2004.

The doctor has also completed:
o Sleeve Gastrectomy training with Dr. Garnier (known as the Father of Sleeve Gastrectomy) at Cornell University in New York, 2005.
o Basic training and course work in laparoscopic surgery procedures, CENDEISS.
o Advanced training and course work in laparoscopic surgery procedures, UNNE, Corrientes, Argentina. Training and course work in laparoscopic colorectal surgery, UNNE, Corrientes, Argentina.
o Training and course work in gastric banding (Inhamed), Panama.
o Training and course work in gastric sleeve procedures, NY USA.
o VAC, Panama.
o Post graduate training in bariatric surgery, ALACE 2006.
o Coordinated the first training seminar for advanced laparoscopic surgery procedures in San José, Costa Rica.
o Masters of Minimally Invasive Bariatric Surgery, USA, 2008.
o Speaker for 1st national congress in Guayaquil, 2008.
o Trainer in CIELTA for general surgery courses.
o Trainer in ATLS in Costa Rica.
o Minifellowship in gastric bypass and metabolic surgery in Sao Paolo, Brazil, 2010
o Course in SILS surgery, 2010.
o Speaker for first meeting of laparoscopic surgery, Ecuador, 2007.
o Speaker for the 3th residents national congress in Salvador, 2008.
o Speaker for the National Congress in Costa Rica, 2010.
o Speaker for the Clinical Journeys in Omni Hospital, Ecuador, 2010.
o Speaker for the Medical Journeys of Clinica Biblica Hospital, 2011.
o Speaker for the Latin American chapter of IFSO meeting, 2011.
o Speaker for the IFSO meeting in Hamburg, Germany, 2011

Merits and Surgical Experience:

Dr. Jacobo Zafrani is a well-experienced bariatric surgeon who has performed over 3,500 surgeries. In fact, he performs approximately 300 bariatric or weight loss surgeries on an annual basis. You will be hard-pressed to find a more-experienced, better qualified bariatric surgeon in the region.

In 2006, Dr. Zafrani successfully performed a metabolic surgery to reverse type 2 diabetes for the first time. Since then, he has successfully performed more than 200 metabolic surgeries. He is, in fact, the foremost metabolic surgeon for a multi-center study in this area.

Dr. Zafrani is director and founder of the first training center for minimal invasive surgery in Central and South America.

He is the representative of the Costa Rican chapter of the IFSO (International Federation for Obesity Surgery). Moreover, Dr. Zafrani is the coordinator of the first Laparoscopic Surgery Post Graduate Course in Costa Rica.

Certifications, Memberships & Affiliations:

o IFSO, member and representative for Costa Rica
o Founder and president of ACROMTA
o College International of Chirugiens (Surgeons)
o College of Physicians and Surgeons
o Medical Union
o Society of Costa Rican Surgeons
o Latin American Association of Endoscopic Surgeons
o Association of International Surgeons
o IFSO (the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity)
o Member and co-founder of metabolic and obesity surgery of Guayaquil society
o Member and co-founder for robotic surgery of Guayaquil society
o Director and founder of CIELTA (training center for laparoscopic surgery and others techniques
o Member of the MTA (medical tourism association)
o Member of AMN
o Member of the Joint Commission International (JCI)

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