Clinica Biblica, San José, Costa Rica


A world class medical institution

Originally founded in 1929, this world class medical facility is Joint Commission International accredited, which means that it is held to the highest standards in the industry regarding medical care and procedures. The Joint Commission International is the international arm of the Joint Commission, the body that is in charge of accrediting over 19 thousand hospitals and health care facilities in the United States.

A wide variety of procedures

Since it is a general hospital, Clinica Biblica in Costa Rica provides its patients a wide variety of medical, dental, and cosmetic surgery procedures, using cutting-edge technologies and techniques. The health care center specializes in cardiology, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, ophthalmology, orthopedics, CCSVI, vascular disease, weight loss surgery, dentistry, oral surgery, and preventive medicine, among others.

This institution also performs a large number of minimally invasive laparoscopic-type procedures such as weight loss or bariatric surgery, arthroscopies, prostatectomies, hernia repair, gallbladder removal, and colonoscopies, to mention just a few of the many procedures performed here on a daily basis.

An extensive team of qualified specialists

“La Biblica”, as it is widely known throughout the country, has an extensive team of qualified specialists and surgeons, most of who are bilingual and have graduated or received extensive training from North American and European institutions. In fact, communication will not be an issue since the doctors you will deal with through Medical Tours Costa Rica speak English for your convenience. Since the medical center is focused on treating healthcare travelers, you will notice that English is widely spoken.

Meet your specialist here

 Dr Oscar Oeding (orthopedic):

Dr Jacobo Zafrani (Bariatric and general surgeries):

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