Cosmetic Surgery

Breast augmentation or mammoplasty

This is a surgery implemented for augmentation of breast size. This procedure is performed by introduction of implants that are placed under breast tissue or muscle. Some of these procedures are performed as a means to enhance the self-image of the patient or their self-esteem. In other cases, mammoplasty is a remedial surgery to compensate for the negative effects of breast cancer or other circumstances affecting the breast.

Eyelid surgery (also know as eye-lift or blepharoplasty)

This type of surgery reduces the amount of skin in the upper or lower eyelids to remove undesired bags or excess of skin. While in most cases this procedure is associated with cosmetic reasons, it can also be performed to reduce flabbiness of upper eyelids in elderly patients. This provides an increased field of vision by reducing obstruction to the eyes.

Brow or forehead tuck

A procedure used to counter the damages associated with loss of tone and terseness of the forehead skin. This can restore a younger look to the affected area by lifting the forehead skin, eyebrows and upper eyelids. Methods involve different-sized interventions in the appropriate areas and sometimes the use of an endoscope.


A surgical intervention to reverse the effects of aging or weight loss around the face and neck. Skin is retightened to restore a youthful and lasting look. Results are far superior than those attained by common injections.


This procedure is used to remove excess fat deposited between the skin and the muscles in different areas of the body. During the surgery, a small stainless steel tube or cannula is inserted through small slits in the skin and used to extract the fat by means of aspiration. By removing the fatty tissues, the body regains an improve contour and silhouette as desired by the patient.

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