Cosmetic surgery in Cancun: testimonial


Of course going to Latin America for a cosmetic surgery will be likely cheaper for you than doing it in North America because of the medical expenses.  But what about your safety? What quality of medical services can you expect there?

MediTravel International ensures a high quality of care while directing you exclusively to accredited providers accustomed to receiving International patients in their facilities. That’s the case for Galenia hospital, a state-of-the-art facility we work with in Cancun.

“There are rumors that healthcare is not up to par in Mexico but this hospital was top of the line.”

Read below the testimonial of a young Canadian woman you went there recently for a cosmetic surgery:

“I am a 25 year old, female from Canada. I had been considering plastic surgery for years.The hospital itself was a big concern for me but when I got there, I would have thought it was an American or Canadian owned facility. I say this because there are rumors that healthcare is not up to par in Mexico but this hospital was top of the line, sparkling clean, and very professional and most of all SAFE!

All of my blood work was done with care and attention, definitely with medical ethics, everything was sanitized and clean.

Dr. Panama performed my surgery and she did a really good job. I have to stress that I was very afraid about all of this, even going into the surgery room, I had my doubts but she assured me everything would be fine and it all was. They had anesthesia for me, I had my own, private room for recovery equipped with a bathroom that included a shower and a couch for my husband to sleep on while he waited for me. (There was also wifi!)

 It was a really good experience, (minus the pain) and I would highly recommend the hospital for anyone considering treatment that they need or want done. Everyone warned me that if I was paying less I would get a worse job done (get what you pay for mentality) however I received better care than I have anywhere else in the world. My surgeon even gave me her cell phone number so I could text her if I had any problems.”


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