About Us


Our Vision

We believe that having access to a medical or dental solution is a right everyone should have. However, because of the high costs of the procedures or inconveniently long wait times, many of you in Canada and the USA do not have a feasible solution to your medical issues.

Therefore, as a medical tourism facilitator, MediTravel International offers access to affordable, timely, safe, and personalized medical procedures abroad thanks to our network of international providers.

We prepare and organize your medical travel within our preferred network of international providers and ensure the continuity of care upon your return home.

With MediTravel International you are in caring and efficient hands. Indeed, we are a subsidiary of Mega Assistance Services, a Canadian company that has been providing medical assistance for over 30 years to travelers in North America and worldwide.

Thanks to its experience, Mega Assistance Services has acquired a reputation for reliability that has constantly placed the company in a position of excellence.

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